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Our Story

We Help Businesses Evolve

All we want is for you to experience the best hosting on the planet. That’s why we created Phyber, and that’s what we do best.

Our History

In 2008, Max Clark decided that too many companies were wasting money on inferior technology. He had already realized by then that internet access had become the “fourth utility” — an absolute imperative for doing business today. Shoddy service just wouldn’t cut it.

Max also recognized that too many people don’t know how much better their networks would be with true dedicated fiber — faster, safer, more reliable. He knew that the networks of the future would be built with fiber. It’s no accident that he named his company Phyber. He was right.

To this day, Phyber continues to offer powerful dedicated fiber network solutions and much more, always providing unmatched service. As we partnered with more and more enterprise clients — small firms, mid-size firms, and huge companies across a wide array of industries — we never stopped listening to them. By listening to our clients, we learned what they needed to grow. And in addition to expanding our network services, we began to offer hosting and voice solutions, too.

Max Clark, Managing Director

The Future Is Phyber

Today, we are continuing to partner with businesses nationwide. And once we take on a client that’s exactly what it is: a partnership.

We pride ourselves on being flexible. We offer customized solutions to fit pretty much any setup and any needs your business might have. And to this day we still work closely with our clients — and we listen to them.

We want your business to thrive and grow without interruption, so we will always be there for you at any hour of the day if you need us.


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