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Super-Fast Reliable Hosting

Whatever level of Hosting services your business needs, Phyber will provide the speed, stability, and support you deserve: fast and always-on.

Unlike other providers, we refuse to squeeze businesses into preset buckets with “cookie-cutter” services. Your business is unique, and you deserve personalized attention to fit your exact Hosting needs. We are flexible and will help you evolve to different levels of Hosting capacity as your business changes and grows, always giving you the most cost-efficient setup possible.

Managed Colocation

Some colocation facilities offer only the bare minimum: floor-space, power, and subpar Internet access. Phyber clients get much more. In addition to getting to store your own equipment in our premium datacenters, our Managed Colocation service means Phyber manages all physical onsite work and requirements for your equipment: shipping and receiving, rack and stack, operating system installation and configuration, warranty maintenance — the whole nine yards. That means your staff will never have to waste time going back and forth to and from their location to your hosting equipment.

Phyber’s Managed Colocation offers expert-level guidance and support whenever you need it — and of course, the unmatched speed and performance of our Dedicated Fiber network.

What type of business benefits of Managed Colocation? We find that our Managed Colocation service is the best choice for companies looking for massive savings compared to the more expensive Cloud Hosting option — we’re talking over 50% reduction in costs over three years. Managed Colocation is beneficial for businesses that have demanding applications and want to build a solid Hosting foundation, all while entrusting their maintenance concerns with our experts for ultimate peace-of-mind.

Managed Cloud

Our Managed Cloud Hosting service is designed to scale with you and your application, no matter what size or stage your business is currently in. Our state-of-the-art Cloud Servers are located in our premium datacenter, giving your business faster communication performance to and from any other Hosting assets you might utilize. They are also fully API-compatible with Amazon EC2 and S3.

The crucial advantage of our Managed Cloud service is in our use of host nodes, which offer premium disk storage (15K RPM SAS and SSD drives), as opposed to outdated SATA disks. We also provide massive amounts of RAM (up to 1TB). In addition to using Phyber’s API, POSIX-compatible file systems are available via private connection.

Phyber offers the full Hosting lifecycle under this service.

Managed Everything

The ultimate Phyber Hosting service. We take care of all your Hosting needs, including equipment maintenance, network service, operating system management, application installation and management, maintenance, upgrades, redundancy, performance optimization — everything.

With Phyber’s Managed Everything service, you also get access to Content Acceleration and Delivery Networks to help your application scale up and improve performance for your users. Content Acceleration is a customized in-datacenter deployment of caching data, while acceleration servers are used to offload traffic from your server equipment. Requests for frequently used but infrequently changed objects are cached in RAM and delivered instantly.

The next logical add-on is the utilization of a Global Content Delivery Network (CDN). Like Content Acceleration, your frequently used objects are cached, but on equipment strategically located across the globe. Using a CDN provides the ultimate performance boost and experience for your users.

Phyber works with all of the major CDNs and we can help you select the right one for your needs.


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