Phyber Voice Services

Cost-Saving Voice Services

Stay current. Stay scalable.
And save on your bottom line.

Cut your phone bill by up to 50% by switching to Phyber’s
best-in-class Voice service.

We can work with whatever equipment you currently have, or provide you with Voice services completely managed by us. No matter what stage your voice service is in today, Phyber will improve it and guide you on further changes as your business evolves.

Managed PBX

Managed PBX is our premium Voice service, and it means exactly what it says: We take care of all your equipment and network needs so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your Voice services ever again. In fact, you can get rid of any old PRI equipment and enjoy the benefits of a modern VoIP PBX.

With Phyber’s Managed PBX plan, your Voice service gets all the benefits of Dedicated Fiber, plus unlimited calling in the contiguous U.S. It’s also scalable, so we can easily expand your system as your business grows. Best of all, Managed PBX is the ultimate choice for maintaining Business Continuity. Your Voice services will stay up and running even if you lose power at one of your locations.

SIP Trunk

If your business already has a modern VoIP system, Phyber also offers SIP Trunks. Using a SIP Trunk over Fiber gives superior call quality, removes the limits on simultaneous calls (23 calls for each PRI), and lowers costs by not requiring PRI equipment onsite. No static, no limit on calls — and your Voice capacity will match your Fiber Internet capacity.

If you have a VoIP system, you can drop your PRI completely. We’ll give you access to a SIP Trunk so you can enjoy far superior Voice service.

Because you will be able to use your SIP Trunk instantly over the same Fiber line to experience better call quality, additional phone lines won’t ever need to be installed — meaning you save even more.

Voice Pri

If you currently have a PRI line, we can make drop-in replacements on your existing system. The upgrade will be completely transparent to you — except for the fact that right away your phone bill will significantly drop in cost.

Dedicated Fiber makes it truly possible to significantly slash your current phone bill while giving your Voice services all the reliability they deserve.


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